Monday, December 21, 2009

Health Care

For the past year the debate has been raging over “Heath care”, democrats suggesting that they want to reduce cost for those with insurance, insure those that are not or can not be insured, and guarantee through mandate that every American can buy insurance regardless of pre existing conditions. All noble and worthy causes! With Medicare fraud topping the 60 billion dollar mark there is no doubt that we need more controls. There is no doubt that people should have access to health insurance and that we should insure that for those that can not afford it, we provide some avenue for their health care needs. These are all reasonable and noble causes that every American can get behind, because every American knows a cancer survivor that can not get health insurance, they know those with fewer means that make the choice of housing and food over insurance of all kinds, not just health. The need is real and the cause is just, but are the methods being pursued noble and just? Or are the democrats simply seeking a means to an end (that end being single payer socialized medicine)?

Some of you may not realize that the federal government already has a couple of health insurance companies. One is Medicare, administered by the federal government with a budget of over $400 Billion dollars a year (14% of the nation’s total budget) with fraud that is rampant at 15%. Did you get that? 15% or roughly $60 Billion dollars of the over $400 Billion dollars is fraud and abuse! By 2013 the budget for Medicare will tower at $500 + Billion Dollars and represent a whopping 16% or our total outlay to the federal government, Please keep in mind that total defense spending is 20%.
The other is Medicaid; Medicaid is a subsidy program that disperses monies to the 50 states for them to partially fund health care for the indigent, low income, and uninsured. The budget for Medicaid is $216 Billion dollars in ’09 representing 7% or federal spending. If you do the math, the federal government spends 21% of OUR federal tax dollars on “Health Care” for us, the American People. Both systems are wrought with abuses and the government has done nothing to correct the problem. Instead they are budgeting cuts to these two programs that will reduce payments to doctors who are already cutting services to Medicare and Medicaid patients, reduce the amount of time they will pay for the rental of oxygen tanks for those that need them, yea that’s right, and cut the patient training for various services to seniors. GREAT plan! Do the people managing these plans strike you as the ones you want running your health care?

The reality is that the democrats do not want what they say they want, the reality is what they, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi, have suggested it is… they want a single payer system and this is the way to get it! If the federal government passes this “Health Care” act, the costs will be so staggering that they will have no option but to either eliminate the program (equal to giving up control, and when have you ever seen the government do that?) or eliminate the system that exists and force a single payer system. By doing this they can mandate pricing and salaries for doctors and hospitals, they can ration the expensive tests, and as Obama said with his own words… evaluate the logic of spending a majority percentage of our health care dollars in the last few years of our lives (See Great Britain).

When Medicare was implemented in ’65 the house ways and means committee estimated that the Part A outlay would be 9 Billion Dollars annually by 1990, the actual cost for Part A… $67 Billion! Oversight? Inflation? The reality is that congress tells the American people whatever they must in order to get the bill passed. Like Medicare, this health care bill will not come in on budget and with the REAL cost being over $1 Trillion Dollars who knows what the final cost will be. If the Health Care bill follows the trend you will see it topping $1.5 Trillion Dollars, Is this sustainable with a total budget in ’09 of $3 Trillion dollars? And as you can see from the numbers above, Medicare has grown over 400% since ’90… can we afford a $4 + Trillion dollar bill in 19 years?
Sometimes the question should not be, can we do something but should rather be should we. We can fix health care though tort reform and mandates to insurers, by giving tax breaks to hospitals and doctors for un reimbursed costs, etc.

For the sake of your children and grand children, call your senator and DEMAND their NO vote on this bill. Ask them if this is so important, why they are willing to ram rod this through in reconciliation (a simple majority vote). They are killing this country and will destroy our ability to compete in the world.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Great government we have!

A sad day it is indeed today. We have moved to a full blown socialist nation when the United States House of Representatives can pass a bill that is so blatantly unconstitutional and there is virtually no outcry from the public at large.

On 19 March 2009 the United States of American has successfully traversed a path that Karl Marx would be proud of indeed. The Progressives in the country have finally gotten what they wanted and did not get with William Jefferson Clinton… a full blown Marxist in the White House and control of congress. No intelligent, independent thinking, and non biased person can look at the H.R 1586 and not see the class warfare being fought by Washington.

First we allow our Representatives (not leaders) to print money that has no value in order to bail out companies that are “too large to fail”, effectively transferring ownership to the government. Then we allow them to do the same thing with the largest of the banks, so now they not only control the corrupt “central bank” but also the banks that hold the wealth of the nation. And now we see them execute Act II of their path to Marxism… the encouragement of class warfare. How better to rile the ignorant electorate than to give tax payer dollars to effectively buy these companies, and in fact intentionally inserting an affirmative provision allowing these very bonuses, then feigning outrage when these bonuses are paid out.
HOW COULD AIG!! They are paying out hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payers money and we, your trusty LEADERS will not have it!!! You see what greedy rich people do to you poor poor little people? But don’t worry because Uncle Sam is here to help… GIVE ME A BREAK!

The government of the United States is doing the same thing with business that they did with many people in our society.
First step: tell the people that they are victims and that their failures are not their own but Uncle Sam is here for you.
Second step: Place the people in financial bondage, make them dependent on the government for food stamps, welfare, social security, etc, etc, etc.
Third step: do whatever the hell you want as there are none left that don’t depend on you for sustenance.

This is what they have done in a few short years with business! Encourage and then force banks to write bad paper, back it with Fanny and Freddy. Let Allen Greenspan artificially deflate interest rates allowing renters to buy and buyers to over buy (thanks for that George!). Banks AND BORROWERS get greedy, make and take loans they know are not sustainable long term. Then when the LONG TERM practice of credit default swaps crashes at the burst of the housing bubble, sweep in take control of the banks and other institutions (AIG) and who will oppose you?

The people are enslaved because you control their sustenance, those that are not dependent on you for sustenance are scared to death that you will take the wealth that they have left, as you control the banks that it rests in. And the rest of us are so few that we have no real ability to effect a change.

Bailing out any private institution was unconstitutional in the first place. Then the pass this bill that is a clear violation of Article 1 Section 9. This bill is two things, first it is Ex Post Facto and second it is a writ of attainder. Both of these are violations of the constitution and every member that voted for it should be dragged out into the street and shot!

For those of us who care about this country and what it used to stand for, WE MUST STAND UP! If we must take back this country at the point of a gun then so be it.

Monday, October 13, 2008

We are STUPID!!

Did you know how stupid you really are?

Obama states that he will cut taxes for “95% of all Americans” while giving every American (and probably those immigrants that have not been given amnesty by him or McCain yet) health care, and affordable mortgages… is this even possible? Of course it is stupid, don’t question just follow! After all he will be our first African American Presid… Oh no he wont, that slot was filled by Mr. William Jefferson Clinton… wasn’t it?

McCain on the other hand claims that he can stabilize the economy by propping up banks and wall street, give every American ( is this just tax filing Americans? Tax filing households? Or every American?) A $5,000.00 tax credit to spend on health care. While giving business tax credits in the Billions.

Let’s examine why I am SO STUPID as to not believe anything either of them are saying.

This is the latest table available by the congressional budget office of the United States.

How is this possible? The United States of America not only has determined that the lowest 40% (Quintile = 20%) of Americans don’t pay taxes, but they have a negative tax rate… now keep in mind that according to the campaigns of our current political system I am stupid, but that sounds to me as though we who pay taxes are giving actual money to the lower 40% of income earners… could this be possible? And if it is possible, how is Obama going to give a “tax cut” to 95% of Americans? OHHH, shoot I see, some of the fuzzy math they spoke so much about when Busch was running.
The top 60% of income earners pay 6% of their taxes to give it directly to someone in the bottom 20% and another 1.1% to the second Quintile? Is this American? Can we justify stealing at the point of a gun from one to give to another?

Look at 2004, the height of Bush’s “irresponsible tax cuts for the rich”. The tax as a percentage of income went up for the top Quintile, form 25% to 25.1%. Also take a look at the average income for each Quintile, The average pre-tax income for the top quintile in 2004 is $207,000.00 a year… is this rich? And even if you consider this “rich” is it fair that they should work hard to then have the government penalizes them for it? I would urge you to answer that question as if you earned $207K a year. Obama talks about being fair… is this fair? Do the math, the top 20% of income earners in this country shoulder 65.8% of the federal tax burden. These are not Republican or Democrat numbers, they are from the CBO.

Now both candidates for President of the United States claim they will fix the economy, shore up the banks and Wall Street, all while giving either tax cuts to the “rich” or “middle class”. How will they pay for all of these things? Obama wants to spend over 1 Trillion dollars in additional programs! Were will all of this money come from? Who will pay this bill?

The national debt is over 10 Trillion dollars as of this article. We increase that debt, as of this article, by over 3 Billion dollars per day. With that said, even if we were not in Iraq spending some 10 Billion a month, our debt would be increasing. This deficit is made up for by the selling of bonds and treasury bills to the American people. What is backing these treasury bills and bonds? Nothing!!
What our government is doing is the same thing Americans did that got us in this mess, they spent more than they had, borrowed money to span the gap and continued to spend. Sound fiscal practice!

People what I am saying is, don’t buy the goods that either of these candidates is selling! First off, according to the Constitution (a long lost document, I agree) the president of the United States has no authority to make law. Second, if the president has the persuasion to convince congress to pass these bills, were will the money come from?

A very dear person to me, my mother, told me today that in my last paper I was not very intelligent in my assessment of what your actions should be. I.E. voting for your mom, or sister instead of one of these clowns. So here is my suggestion: Do vote for a candidate but not for the one with an R or a D by their names. Wasted vote? I don’t think so! Ask your friends if they like either candidate, if they say yes… find better friends. Most will say no. do you think we can change the system by continuing to send the same people to the hill? What would the reaction be by either party if their base abandoned them? Do you think they would change their stance? I do! Vote for Nader, Barr, or Baldwin, will they win? Hell no they won’t win, but what a message… and if they did win, much better choice than McCain or Obama!

All I ask is that you THINK!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

abuses and usurpations

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”

I listen to a local radio talk show host, who I do not always agree with though he is a libertarian, who tells me that we should not resort to those measures of our founders until we are unable to speak freely… is this the correct mode of thought? Not if, but when our liberties have been totally eroded will we still be able to throw off the chains of despotism? Will our children? Is it fair that we as a generation screw up what so many have sacrifices so much for, and leave the burden of blood to our children?

I fear that our nation is lost. I fear that we are on the edge of a precipice, and any further our fall will be so great we will never recover. How much is enough? When do we no longer take the abuses and usurpations of our employees, our representatives, our government?

We just gave AIG, as you all know, an additional $35 Billion dollars. This takes their plunder of American tax payers to over $100 Billion dollars. The stock market is still correcting, this will be viewed by those on the hill as another “economic catastrophe” requiring another bail out package. Do we believe we can fight this one off? Add to this that neither presidential candidate has a clue about our economy or the cause of our situation.

I do not have the answers to many of the above questions. I struggle with the realities that we face, as I’m sure many of you do. I know not the appropriate course for correction, but I know that we must correct this situation and we must do it soon. Our nation is borrowing more and more money, printing money that is backed by nothing. Our representatives on the hill learn not from history, and are scurrying down the path of repetition.

If we allow this to continue we will have a further devalued dollar, our debt will rival our GDP and the United States of America will be owned by foreign governments and entities more than it is now. Please do not sit idly by and allow this to happen on our watch. Do not vote for the lesser of two evils, as I have done for decades. If all of the people who are not happy with either candidate would not vote for either candidate there would be a message so loud the world would hear it. Let them know we are not happy! If we can not elect a good independent candidate, vote for your mom, your sister, anyone but the two on the ticket.
May God help us once again save this great nation from tyranny.

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